Another Hidden Figure

When you were in college, did you take machine learning courses because you already knew you wanted to pursue a career at Johnson Space Center? Could you explain how you landed your first job there? In 1963, I was hired by NASA as a mathematician. Over time, my job title changed to aerospace technologist and […]

Inspire – Create – Share 

SHARON HAVELKA constructs mixed media quilt sculptures from old clothes and other used materials and found objects. Her work highlights the marginalized, the overlooked, that which is considered weird or unusual, and sews them into beautifully crafted and highly detailed objects. Born in Memphis, TN, she is inspired by her unique upbringing as a descendent […]

Sweet Memories submitted by Kai Lee

I grew up in the Arkansas Delta in the stores of my grandparents Eugene H. Lee and Gam Len Lee, as well as my own father Ronald Lee in Dumas. I spent many a summer visiting the Mississippi Delta in the stores of my aunts and uncles. A special shout out to Clara and Richard […]