American Queen Voyage Tours

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Beginning February, 2023, Delta State University Archives and Museum and the Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum will once again host tour groups from the American Queen Voyages (AQV). The steamboats travel to or from New Orleans, and while docked at Terrene Landing in Rosedale, MS, the passengers have the opportunity to travel to Cleveland for a “Hop-On Hop-Off’ tour of the city. Tour stops include the Grammy Museum Mississippi, downtown/main street shopping, Martin & Sue King Railroad Museum, and the Chinese Museum. In 2022, over 800 AQV passengers, hailing from North America, Europe, and Asia, toured the museum. Currently, the 2023 tour schedule has a list of 23 dates, so we look forward to the 2nd full year in welcoming those travelling with the American Queen Voyages.  It’s our pleasure and a great opportunity to share the history, culture, and stories of the Mississippi Delta Chinese.